Monday, August 16, 2010

At Last We Met Once Again

I've seen into your eyes before
I'm sure
I've stood beside you a long time ago
I'm sure

We loved hard
And lived strong
Kept on going on
I know

You fought your battles
I raged my wars
Those times kept us apart
But here we are

You kissed my lips
And took me in
I dove in unaware
I'd find you there

Now I think of you everyday
Longing to find you along the way
Hoping you'll ask me to stay
- I still believe in love anyways.

Learn to Love: Social Suicide

Learn to Love: Social Suicide

Social Suicide

Woke up this morning
Decision made
I’ve slept on it, now
Just pull the trigger and walk away

Made arrangements
Destined to the next of kin
- Pull the plug now
It will quickly sink in

Staring at the cold hard corpse
It reveals a white canvas to me
And I’m still waiting for
Your response

Open up my history for all to see
- How I’ve changed
Just moments before

The taste of freedom is a bitter one
Wonder if I’m really all alone…
Is it all really gone?

The phone rings and
Allas, human voice –
It still speaks!

Relieved from my misery
I keep on living…
Back in touch – human
I believe.