Monday, January 31, 2011

She Is Not

When she cries
Her tears are rain drops
When she speaks
Her voice is a wave lost in the ocean

When she walks
Her steps are light as the air
When she sleeps
Her dreams are beauty and poetry

Every time she's touched
Something comes undone
Every time she's kissed
The magic turns on

Still she's found out
In a moment
All she wants to be,
She is not.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Can

You can make me beautiful
You can make me glow
I'm waiting for you
Wanting to be beautiful

You simply walk away
As salty tears flow down my face
All I wanted
Was your warm embrace

I can't understand why
I keep you locked in my heart
Refusing to let go
You made it all glow

You are my weakness
I keep holding on
It will be a long road
And I will love you strong

In The Dark

Young girl in the dark
Young girl with low eyes
Young girl barefooted

Young girl where have you gone to
Far away from the safety of your bed
Gone from the dream world that
Holds you

Young girl don't be scared
The monsters are only in your head.

Lingers On

Laying away from the light
Still in my nakedness I succumb
The memory of the night before
Still alive in my skin

I can still feel him come to extremes
I can still hear him scream
The pleasure that I gave him
I will keep that alive within

I lay here left behind as he moves on
I stay in the moment as he goes back
To his past - I wait patiently for him
Wanting to walk on

It was all real
It was all intense
It was all past tense
Still I love him so.

Monday, December 13, 2010

From Begining To End

Nothing needs to happen
Between you and I
As long as your are
Standing by my side

Amazing how you may
Live and still
Be in me

Your touch lingers on
Your kisses are still on my lips
Your eyes I follow on

I look beyond it all
Ask the dust to settle down
Put the saddle on my heart
But it keeps wild on

Amazing how excuses come and go
Live me and still
Be in me
Your touch I want for my own
Your kisses I imagine mine
Your eyes, you look on

I began to spell these words
As you lied down next to me
Now I end this
With you walking away from it all

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My answer to my Lover

Once you've asked me what was love? To be honest, that question got me off guard - I wasn't expecting it, especially because I always keep love in my heart.

To tell you what I think love is - to me, is like the many levels of fire! You can love always, everyone, without ever asking for anything in return. It is in this kind of love that I find the part of God that live within me, for that I know that I also live within Him.

And then there is that kind of love that runs deeper, comes from my soul that goes to my family - anyone who knows me well, knows that family to me is my Mother. And I'll tell you that this love is not recent, it comes many lives before - I know it! It is as if a soul recognized another, I see the warrior that lives inside and the spirit of the Great Mother in her, now and always.

But ever so often, there is this love that grows in my heart when I come across someone in my path proving me right in keeping my hopes alive! It is the kind of love that can last a lifetime or a short while, but like the other kinds of love it is important for my heart.

Still I hold inside for now this love that slowly grows, and if I could speak it out, I'd tell you that I love you, that I hold you dear, that I love your kindness and your ways. That I love your smile and the way you look at me, that I love your hands, that I love your heart.

We all get hurt at some time or another with the love that comes and the love that goes, but to me those have to happen in our story so that we may recognize when a good love - a great love, comes along. How else would recognize the right person?

I choose not to be afraid of getting hurt - even though I know that it might happen, or not at any point, but still I choose to live, and to do so I need to love.
I'd tell you also not to ask so much "what is?", running the risk of missing out on such an honorable feeling that feeds our being. Allow yourself still, a little bit more.

There is so much more love in me that I could describe, but instead I rather just say - I love everyone and everything, I love sincerely within my many "levels of love", I've chosen love without questioning it.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Lynyrd Skynyrd Once Said...

"Home is where the heart is, and my heart is home" - heard it once in a song. But should someone really be born to walk all over this earth, scattering a not so lonely heart as he walked on by, where would home be?

Never really had a hard time to settle in, blending was made for my skin - but only in the beginning... after a while I'll mark the new home with my own style.

But home, has been so many other places before, oh, how easy it is to betray home!

Now I sit here, I'm alone, feels hot, I am calm, all is ok. And really I don't mind, everything is alright.

There was a time when I used to feel guilty and afraid, but we walked together last night - I still don't know what that means. Not sure I want to figure it out at all.

A young couple sits across the room from me, I wonder if they know what "within thee" means. Within you, within me.

Not gonna try to hide the fact that I am still searching for home - there will be a place of peace and quiet, there will be love there, and it will be warm, and the ahrd times will come by - and the blue skies shall reign every time.

But until then I walk, wander this world, look out for the eyes that burn.