Monday, January 31, 2011

She Is Not

When she cries
Her tears are rain drops
When she speaks
Her voice is a wave lost in the ocean

When she walks
Her steps are light as the air
When she sleeps
Her dreams are beauty and poetry

Every time she's touched
Something comes undone
Every time she's kissed
The magic turns on

Still she's found out
In a moment
All she wants to be,
She is not.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Can

You can make me beautiful
You can make me glow
I'm waiting for you
Wanting to be beautiful

You simply walk away
As salty tears flow down my face
All I wanted
Was your warm embrace

I can't understand why
I keep you locked in my heart
Refusing to let go
You made it all glow

You are my weakness
I keep holding on
It will be a long road
And I will love you strong

In The Dark

Young girl in the dark
Young girl with low eyes
Young girl barefooted

Young girl where have you gone to
Far away from the safety of your bed
Gone from the dream world that
Holds you

Young girl don't be scared
The monsters are only in your head.

Lingers On

Laying away from the light
Still in my nakedness I succumb
The memory of the night before
Still alive in my skin

I can still feel him come to extremes
I can still hear him scream
The pleasure that I gave him
I will keep that alive within

I lay here left behind as he moves on
I stay in the moment as he goes back
To his past - I wait patiently for him
Wanting to walk on

It was all real
It was all intense
It was all past tense
Still I love him so.