Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Words

Hello to all, and welcome to my blog!

The idea behind this space, is to promote great news only, make us
stop a while everyday and see all the good and beauty that there is
in the world!

Yes, I will debate certain things that makes others at least uncomfortable,
but hey!, nothing's perfect!

For now, I will be posting my own poetry and random thoughts, should you
have any ideas go ahead and share!

Been thinking about all that
I may take with me from life,
And so I begin to question myself
If it's really all worth so much fighting

Been wondering about what's true
And the difference of a lie,
But still I havent got an answer
To the question why

With all that I have been seeking
A new light,
A way so that I wont run or hide,
But face these fears that afront my mind

Take this world and separate it from the heart
That grows cold and dark,
In which no spirit may survive.

No one has ever stepped into this land,
And no one will ever pick it's prey
But separate it from the heart that all that is
May be in vain

After all, have we forgotten,
Where did we all come from?

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