Saturday, May 29, 2010

Walk With a Purpose

That is what I heard every day while going to my classes from my high school teachers. They would shout “walk with a purpose” to get us to go to class, and stop hanging out in the halls.
That was when I lived in Florida, years later I moved to Brazil, and while walking around my college campus – frantic to get everything done – I caught myself saying over and over in my head: walk with a purpose!
Now those words, repeated so many times, come into play every time I stop to think about my very own life.
My father brought me up to believe that we should live to make money, become rich, and live comfortably and have great cars. Many thought that he was merely preparing me to keep the family business on in the future, but it was much worse than that.
It took me some time to find out that what he was trying to get into me, into the person I am, is that it was the biggest bag of crap anyone had ever tried to drill into me! The interesting part is that I came to learn my lesson after I moved away and was left with nothing at all.
After my father passed away, all he had was taken away from me. Sure, I fought for it all, I went after everything that was taken from me. While I was doing that I began to get sick, mind splitting migraines almost 4 times a week, every week. I didn’t eat anymore, I didn’t sleep.
Do I go after it all, or do I leave it all behind? Those words came back… walk with a purpose. I am telling you all of this because up till then, I went to college, got good grades, worked out as many ideas as I could, but then reality hit me and I ended up having to make a decision that was entirely mine: do I live happily with much less, or do I die fighting sadly for much more?
I figured that what happened to me was a good thing. I wasn’t ready to receive such an inheritance. I had to come full circle in life to see how much happier I am today. I grew up having everything – from the house to the car, I had my share of fake friendships, and people taking away the privacy from my family because of what we had.
I’m not saying that I wont reach for the stars, but I’m saying that I want enough, not too much, not too little. Just enough, enough to be happy and live as full as a life as God wants me to.
Now I dedicate my time to the arts, I am creating and expanding my views like never before! I found out that more than gold, I want the love and fidelity of a man, and the birth of my family.
You see, it is never the destination, but the journey to the destination that shows us who we really are; that is why you should always walk with a purpose.

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